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Wednesday 6th May

English Reading Task 


Can the Iron Man save the world? Today is the day we read/listen to the final chapter of the Iron Man! Are you ready. Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy listening to the final chapter! 

Once you have finished chapter 5, answer the following questions...


  1. What happened to the Iron Man at the beginning of the chapter? Why? 
  2. What task did the Iron Man set for the space-bat-angel-dragon? 
  3. What 3 things happened when the space-bat-angel-dragon returned for the second time? 
  4. What does the space-bat-angel-dragon ‘do’ in space? What effect did the space-bat-angel-dragon’s music have on the people of Earth? 
  5. Why did the space-bat-angel-dragon laugh at the Iron Man when he challenged him to a test of strength? 
  6. How did the Iron Man feel about challenging the space-bat-angel-dragon for the second time
  7.  Which is your favourite chapter? Explain why?
  8.  How did the peoples view of the Iron Man change from the beginning of the BOOK to the end? 

  9. What word does the author use to describe the size of the space-bat-angel-dragon? 

  10. Do you think the author, Ted Hughes, approves of fighting and war? What evidence can you find to support your opinion? 

Magnificent Maths!


Well done 4VL your class have won the battle this week!


Let's start our maths lesson with our Flashback 4



Today, we will be continuing our work on the Whiterose Website. You will need to click onto the Summer Term-Week 3 (w/c 4th May) as seen below.



The picture below shows you the lesson for today. Please click on it and and it will take you to the Whiterose website. 




You can go onto BBC Bitesize to watch another video and carry out extra work! Click on the link below if you would like to do this.


States of Matter



What are Melting and Freezing.mp4

Still image for this video

States of Matter - Melting Points

Clipbank video learning resources. Extracted from educational programmes for secondary schools aired on Channel 4.