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Wednesday 8th July

Good Morning Year 6 - here are the answers to the riddles!

1) Your name

2) Popcorn

3) Keyboard


Oliver has sent in some photographs of his new guinea pigs. They are 10 weeks old now. The black one is called Rocket and the brown Oreo. I believe it was very tricky to get any photographs as they move so fast!




A pobble starter-'The Magic Globe!'


Another three chapters to read



"The carpenter appeared quite different to the last time Lord Spittleworth had seen him. Since learning that he wasn’t to be let out of the dungeon to see Daisy, a wild look had appeared in Mr Dovetail’s eye. Of course, he hadn’t been able to shave for weeks either, and his hair had grown rather long."


I'd like you to imagine that the carpenter, that night, had some how managed to escape and Spittleworth had put up wanted posters all over Cornucopia to offer a reward to find him. 

Design and draw what this poster might look like. Remember to include an image of the carpenter, description of his appearance, why he needs to be found, who to contact and a reward.





How are you getting on solving the case of the cinema criminal? Keep working through those clues.



Leaver's activity- a chance to draw every child in your class. Try to think of a really positive word to describe them. (This sheet is in your packs!)