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Week 13 Tuesday 16th June

Good Morning Year 2


Buenos Días! Hoy es martes.

Well done to Rowan for another excellent science experiment write-up.

Daily Maths Session

Doubles Doubles Dancing Doubles (A song about number doubles)

A super fun high energy dance song about number doubles. Get movin' and groovin'' and get down on the dance floor to the dancing doubles. Learn your doubles ...

Lesson 2 - Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes

Click on the picture to go to the video.

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Daily English Session

This sheet is in your home learning pack


đź“šPayton Goes To London | Read Along | Children's Book | Story Book | Kid Books | Books for Kids

Payton Goes To London by Payton and Shayla Mcghee. This Story was read by Calvin Thomas. All music was produced by Calvin Thomas at Cthomas Studios. ========...


This afternoon you need to write on the other side of your A4 paper from yesterday.


You are going to write a postcard as if you have visited London. If you are visiting London, you would probably go and visit some of the attractions like Payton in the video above. You could mention some of the sights and other things you might have done when visiting.


Did you stay in a hotel? What was the weather like when you visited? What was your favourite thing you did?