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Maisie and Aine's Tour of London

Saroop and Janani's Tour of London

Lexi and Natan's Tour of London

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Tropical World last week. We learned so much about the different wildlife there and then took part in a workshop led by staff there.

The children in Year 2 have been looking at physical health and staying well during their PSHE lessons. We looked at how easily germs can spread and discussed how we can get rid of these germs rather than passing them on to others. We watched some videos of thorough handwashing and then put them to the test with some songs.

During recent maths lessons, we have been looking at describing different turns. We went out on the playground to practise using "quarter turn", "half turn", "clockwise" and "anti-clockwise", along with other key vocabulary.

As part of our London topic and reading the book 'Katie in London', Year 2 have been looking at the geographical locations of different London landmarks. We found out facts about each and then plotted them onto a 3D map. We even got a tweet from the author James Mayhew who was very impressed with our work.

Year 2 explored London skylines today and built them with multi-link. Children then drew skylines on paper and then made them 3D and stuck them into their sketch books.

Jodi from Skipping School came to visit Year 2 this morning and the children had a fantastic time learning lots of new skills. We're looking forward to the competition in summer already.

Following a video chat with some mums and their babies, the children in Year 2 have been looking at the human life cycle and created some lovely posters too.

World Book Day was brilliant and the children loved going on a trail around school following clues. They then spent the day completing activities around the book Jack's Fantastic Voyage.

We worked really hard in maths today making different 3D shapes and then counting the vertices that each one had. We used Polydron to make the shapes and worked really well in our groups.

During our PSHE lesson, we looked at medicines and thinking about items around the house that are safe to touch. We concluded that we should avoid touching things that we are unsure about and if we find something out of place, we should inform an adult. We then acted out some freeze frame moments of when people were poorly and when they might need medicine to make them better.

In maths, the children were looking at lines of symmetry. They worked carefully to identify vertical lines of symmetry and draw some of their own shapes with symmetry in too.

Today in Year 2, children learned about recycling and were able to group different items depending on the material that they were made from. We also watched some videos about how a plastic bottle is recycled.

As part of our enrichment morning, some children had the opportunity to bake some crispy buns. They were given instructions on how to make them and had a really enjoyable (and tasty) morning.

For enrichment morning, some children spent the morning practising different water colour skills. They used big sheets of paper, water colour paint and some even used wax crayons to block the paint from soaking into the paper.

The children worked for a few works to research Keith Haring and look at some of his work to create two creatures in one. Below are some of the finished pieces including:

In our statistics topic, the children have been drawing tally charts and pictograms. The children have taken real pride in their work and created some lovely tally charts in their books.

In the last week of term, the children created some lovely cards to celebrate the festive season and beautiful calendars to mark the start of the incoming new year.

The children spent time this morning making equal groups as part of the multiplication topic and writing down related facts.

Year 2 were fantastic in their Christmas production of "The Big Little Nativity". Well done Year 2!

In DT, the children had to design a lighthouse so Mr Grinling could have his lunch delivered safely without the seagulls getting to it. Each one included a wind-up mechanism and the end results were lovely and well thought out. 

Children spent some time researching Roger Swainston, an Australian artist, whose work features lots of underwater creatures. They then used different media (tissue paper, posca pens, wax crayons and felt tips) to create four different fish.

During PSHE lessons today, the children were asked to act out different scenarios as if there were problems between friendship groups. Everyone did really well and some group were able to act out solving the problems too.

Seaside holidays of the past is the history topic we're looking at in Year 2 at the moment. In the first lesson, the children had to complete a circle map to tell us what they already knew.

The children worked in pairs/small groups to identify tens and ones in different given numbers. They used whiteboards to demonstrate their partitioning.