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Our vision for History is that all children develop skills through an enquiry approach.

In History pupils are encouraged to question their understanding of the past allowing them to enjoy all that History has to offer. Through the use of artefact and exciting trips, pupils gain an in-depth understanding of significant events in British history as well as appreciating how things change over time. Without History, there would be no future!

SMSC in History

History Long Term Plan

Useful Websites

Young Quills Competition

Year 6 - Local History Study


As part of their local history study, Year 6 visited Armley Mills. They became Victorian children for the day! They were fantastic in role. 

Black History Month


This month we have been celebrating Black History month. We have spent some time understanding the history of African-Americans, their contributions to the world and how they suffered in the past. We have listened to a very famous speech called 'I have a dream' by Martin Luther King. Take a look at how they have inspired us! 

Year 6 create timelines! 


Year 6 have been developing their chronological skills by creating timelines in History. 

This Day in History 


17th July 1955

Look at the picture. Can you guess what might have happened on this day in 1955? 

Picture 1

Neil Armstrong

1930 - 2012 


Year 1 children have been focusing on significant people and discussing changes beyond living memory. Year 1 have been understanding the ways in which travel and transport has changed throughout history. Using Neil Armstrong children have been talking about what they know about the inventions of transport and how they have changed over time. 

Picture 1

Grace Darling



Year 2 have learnt about the life of a Darling child through drama activities. They talked about the different roles that boys and girls would have in the Lighthouse and how busy they would be! I think some of the children decided that they were glad they had not been born now as they were very tired.

Picture 1

Black History 


Year 4 have been focusing on significant people in black history. They have been looking at Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole. They have been using a range of sources to create non-chronological reports. 

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Picture 4

World War Two 


Year 5 have been exploring events in World War Two. They have been looking at a novel titled 'Silver Sword' by Ian Serraillier. 

Picture 1

Crime and Punishment


Year 6 have visited Abbey House Museum really helped us to realise how Crime and Punishment has changed over time! They even got to solve their own Murder Mystery!

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