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We want everyone to be in a happy,
healthy and safe learning environment

Year 2

In Year 2 we have two classes 2CW and 2SL


Our teachers are called Mrs Williamson and Mr Loudon.





We also have three Learning Support Assistants called Mrs Smith, Mrs Sacks and Mrs Cowan.





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2

The amazing cast of The Grumpy Sheep!

The amazing cast of The Grumpy Sheep! 1
The amazing cast of The Grumpy Sheep! 2

Design and Technology 'making lighthouses with a winding mechanism'

There has been lots of bending, twisting, squashing and stretching!

In Science the children have been investigating the properties of materials

In Maths we having been solving lots of tricky problems!

We started our Science topic on Materials by comparing and contrasting different materials and describing their properties.

Maths fun!

Literacy reading numbers words game


Reading colour words game


High frequency word game


Literacy spelling game




Mrs Williamson's contact email -

Mr Loudon's contact email -


(Emails will be answered during working school hours)