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Welcome to Reception

Curriculum plan

In Reception we love to learn and play! We have lots of different areas that we can explore and we like to challenge ourselves with our mini-me challenges. 

We have very high expectations and are striving to meet the Early Learning Goals. This includes writing super sentences, learning our numbers, counting and reading a book. We have daily phonics sessions where we follow Letters and Sounds and also use Jolly Phonics actions to support our learning.

Mrs Fox, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Donno, Mrs Berckley, Mrs Aslam, Miss Priestley, Mrs Purba and Mr Manning all help us with our learning. 


Picture 1 Mrs Fox
Picture 2 Mrs Thompson
Picture 3 Mrs Aslam
Picture 4 Mrs Berckley
Picture 5 Miss Priestley
Picture 6 Mrs Purba
Picture 7 Mrs Donno
Picture 8 Mr Manning (PE coach)

If you wish to contact us then please do so via the emails below and we will respond during school hours. Many thanks.

Early Years Assessment Criteria
Things to remember
Useful website links for Reception:
Meet our friends from TenTown; King One, Tommy Two, Thelma Three, Freddie Four, Fiona Five, Seal Six, Sir Seven, Eric Eight, Nina Nine Bows, Tia Ten and Thierry Twenty. In Maths we use these TenTown characters to help us learn different mathematical skills; numbers, shapes, number bonds, fractions, size, patterns, time, weight and position. We also move through TenTown as an individual reward for completing challenges.
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Experimenting with teabags

We have enjoyed smelling the different teabags and experimenting with the colours they make. We mixed a red bush tea bag with a lemon tea bag and it made a lovely light orange. We described them as smelling 'sweet', 'minty' and 'delicious'.

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Our first week

Some of us have started in Reception and we have had a fantastic week! We have enjoyed getting to know the children and adults in our class, exploring the new areas and learning our new routines.


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