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Maths is an important part of every day life - it is everywhere!


At Alwoodley Primary School, we focus on having fun in maths, learning in real life situations and solving problems. We enjoy taking our learning outside by exploring maths trails and doing active maths. We use current events to make our learning meaningful. 




SMSC in Mathematics

Calculation Policy

Long Term Plans

Year by year objective overviews

Mathematics in the Early Years


In Nursery and Reception, we ensure that children experience maths in all areas of learning. As children work and play, there are always opportunities to develop maths skills.

In Early Years, the children have fun learning about numbers as they sing number songs using puppets, books, numbers and mini world resources. 
We learn about numbers and their value in so many different ways.
Role play areas enable children to use maths in real life situations.




We use TenTown in Nursery through to year one. This is a scheme that introduces numbers 0 -21 by learning a story for each number and learning a rhyme to help us with number formation.



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Little Big Maths


We also follow the scheme Little Big Maths in Reception. This scheme links to the Early Years curriculum and breaks it into achievable steps. This begins with getting children use to 'amounts' of objects, which leads to 'counting', then to 'learn it' which is done by fun games and songs. Finally we apply this to 'calculations' which is to understand additions, subtractions and multiplications. 

In Reception we use TenTown as our reward for doing WOW work.

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Mathematics in the Key Stage 1











Mathematics in the Key Stage 2

In years 3,4 and 5. The classes have 'working walls' for maths. This helps the children to work independently remembering  the skills that they have learnt and how to apply them using their mathematical skills.








Throughout Key Stage 2 they use 'Mathletics' to challenge themselves and compete against other children from different schools and countries.


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Year 5 Problem Solving

Mathematics Curriculum Overview