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Year 4


The Year 4 staff team is made up of class teachers:

Miss Clarke, Mrs Fox and Mr Coltman





We are also very lucky to have additional support in class from

 Mrs Shaw, Mrs Elsom, Miss Etherington, Mrs Saund and Miss Lamond   



Spelling Test - remember your spelling book! 

Homework - Hand in or submit homework on Google Classroom. New homework is set on Google Classroom. 


Monday and Tuesday

Come to school in PE kit - PE is in the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday.




Come to school swim ready - Please come to school with your swimming costume and shorts underneath your school uniform. Bring a swimming back with a towel, goggles (if needed) and some dry underwear. 



Celebration assembly - Bring into certificates or medals that you would like to celebrate with the rest of the school in celebration assembly. 

Children are to hand in homework on a Monday. We will set a homework task on Google Classroom every Monday. 



The children are asked to complete the following:


  1. Read their school reading book on Bug Club
  2. Practise their Times Tables on TT Rockstars
  3. Practise their weekly spellings on Spelling Shed






Please practice these spellings this week. They have been set on Spelling Shed too for you to practice. 

Our next spelling test will be on Monday 27th June.





Bananas statutory words


Click on our subject icons to find out more! 


We have been learning the notes D and E on different musical instruments - including chime bars, hand held chimes and bells. We enjoyed making our own music in the sunshine.



We have come to the end of our geography unit and we completed it by writing a letter to Councilor Dan Cohen. We sent him our proposed plan of new road signs around school, in order to keep our local area safe.

26.5.22 and 27.5.22 

The Queen's Jubilee 


We have been celebrating the Queen's jubilee with lots of activities. We have been making crowns fit for a queen. We used our creativity skills to create unique designs. We then explored the Commonwealth. We went on a treasure hunt around school trying to find different flags using our maps. When we came back to the classroom, we located these countries on a map. We were surprised to see so many different countries, in different continents! Later, we explored the history of the Queen. We ordered the different images and found out different facts about that year. We were very proud of the adventure stories that we wrote about The Queen and we also wrote her a letter - we hope we get a reply. To end the celebrations, we enjoyed a fantastic picnic in the sunshine with our families. 


Garden Games - In P.E today we played some party games just like the Queen! We are getting very excited about our upcoming celebrations and what a great way to start the party! 


We had a fantastic time at the skipping competition this morning! We worked extremely hard before the event and made an excellent team. The event taught us all about resilience and team work. Miss Clarke was so proud of our achievements and the team work we showed! 


Today we have enjoyed making Roman mosaics which links to our history unit this half term. We began by researching mosaics and found out how they were made. After that, we designed our own mosaics before creating them.


Our unit in English has been to write a non-chronological report about Ancient Greece. We have spent time researching the features of a non-chronological report and planning the facts and vocabulary that we will use. We wrote a draft piece before editing it. Today we have created a 'beautiful piece' - Mrs Fox and Miss Clarke are very proud of our stunning work.


We have been reading a text about Ramadan in our reading fluency sessions. This inspired us to write an acrostic poem about Ramadan.



25.4.22 - Geography


We have started a new topic called 'Watch Out We're About'. In this topic we will be focusing on the local environment and how the changes over time. Today we conducted some fieldwork. We had to spot the human features and tally them up. We went back to class and discussed what we had found and which human features have a positive impact and which have a negative impact. 



Today in maths we looked at what decimals look like represented on a place value grid. We first had to use sentence stems to describe representations of decimals on a place value chart. Then, we used our own place value charts and counters to show various decimal numbers. Finally, we were challenged to only use 5 counters and see what numbers we could make.



We have enjoyed a history day today and we have come to the end of our 'Ancient Greece' topic. We did a Kahoot quiz to check our 'sticky knowledge' and see how much we had remembered. 


In music we have been working in teams to create a piece of music. We were all give a different animal and had to create a piece of music which best reflect their movement. 


Today in Maths we used Numicon to help us add fractions. This secured our knowledge of keeping the denominator the same as well as exploring mixed fractions. It was much easier to see when our Numicon was complete!

11.3.22 - What are my properties?

Today in Science we explored different items and attempted to classify them before working out which was the odd one out between three items. We then looked at solids, liquids and gases and how the properties are different. Finally, we were given items to sort based on their properties and what we now knew about solids, liquids and gases.


8.3.22 - English 

Today in English we read to see how the Iron Man put himself back together. We then had the task of creating different parts of the Iron Man using vocabulary from the text. We are then going to write some instructions.  


Author Visit - Serena Patel

We were lucky enough to be visited by the author Serena Patel. In the morning she spoke to us about why and how she became an author. She then did a workshop with us in the afternoon, teaching us how to plan a mystery story. We were very inspired.



Today we painted our own cartouches with our names written in hieroglyphs inside them. They were used by the Ancient Egyptians and royal names would be written inside, they were made to keep them safe from evil spirits.

We really enjoyed making these and added secret messages around the outside!


We had an exciting visit from Sublime Science today! We watched different experiments and made our own edible potion...delicious sherbet. 


Today in English we debated in pairs the questions: Have Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp and The Firework Maker’s daughter been written by the same author? We used a word mat to help us structure our debate and learnt the rules of how to debate respectfully. 


Today we have been using the app I can Animate to show how we have systematically changed a shape whilst keeping the area the same.


Today in maths we have been exploring 'area'. We have been estimate the area of shapes using a square to help us and then using this square to count the area. 


Maths - today in Maths we have been exploring the term remainders. We had a different number of lollipop sticks and had to make them into different groups. For example, we made them into groups of threes by making triangles and then groups of 4 by making squares. We noticed that some were left remaining and these were called remainders. 


History - Year 4 have been analysing sources of evidence in History. We have been looking into the different roles of the Ancient Egyptian society and looked at their hierarchy. 


English - today in English we have been making models of Aladdin's palace. We had to use the description from the text to replicate the palace and think about where items would go by identifying prepositional phrases. Next week, we are planning to write a advertisement to sell our palaces to our Headteacher, Mrs Wyatt. Which one will she want to buy? 


Interactive Maths - in Year 4 we have been learning how to multiply 2 digit numbers using an interactive place value chart.


Today some of us have planned, written and performed poems to take part in a poetry competition. The theme of the poem was 'If I were in charge of the world...' Have a read of the poems below to see what ideas we had!


We have really enjoyed making hanging Christmas tree decorations this week. We learnt how to do a whip stitch, running stitch and back stitch before designing our decorations. We then used our chosen stitch to sew two pieces of felt together before adding on the extra details. They are going to look beautiful on our Christmas trees.


We really enjoyed inviting our parents in today for a learning showcase. We shared all of our fantastic learning with them from this term and they wrote us little notes to stick in our books.


We have really enjoyed our DT topic this half term of making mince pies. After researching mince pies and designing our own, we then made them and decorated them with icing. We were very proud of them and looked forward to showing them to our families. 


The children learn the skill of paper weaving. We thought carefully about our patterns! :) 



Today in school we have been learning different skipping skills! We had lots of fun, developed our team work skills and learnt a new skip of two! 


In Science, we have been exploring the different types of teeth and their functions. We learnt why these teeth were shaped in a particular way and how they helped us to break down food. We then made a model using mashmallows to show the different types of teeth. 


In Art this half term we are going to be weaving, inspired by Aladdin's magic carpet. We have been researching oriental rugs and how they are made.


We explored Black History Month through music this year. We listened to some inspirational songs from Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone. We then discovered how the two of them linked to the civil rights movement. After discussing the power of music, we then discussed how else we could get our message across respectively. We talked about peaceful protest and how we have seen some of this recently in the news. We used powerful lyrics and sayings to create our own protest boards.



Wow, what an exciting day we have had today! In our 'mountains' topic we have been learning about James Ketchell who is a motivational speaker and adventurer and he surprised us by turning up at school today. He told us all about the adventures he's been on and then we had time to ask him questions and look at his equipment.


We have been learning about Roman numerals. We worked together to create a number line up to 20 and then used strips of paper to make the Roman numerals.


In PSHE we have been learning about democracy and dictatorship. We played a game where the children 'voted with their feet'. The teacher said a law and the children had to agree/disagree with it. After this, the children worked in small debating groups. They had one person arguing for banning school uniform and one person arguing against it. The remainder of the group listened to the discussion and voted at the end of the debate. The majority of children voted against banning school uniform.



In Science, we have started our new topic 'Who am I?'. We have been using identification keys to identify sea animals today. We learnt that an identification uses yes and no questions.

In English, we have been learning about different word classes. We sorted words into nouns, adjectives and verbs before writing an alliterative poem about our class! We used the IPads and Siri to help us find different verbs and adjectives! 

In PE this half term we are learning gymnastics. We enjoyed creating routines in a small group and performing them to our class.