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Year 4


The Year 4 staff team is made up of class teachers:

Miss Clarke and Mrs Black




We are also very lucky to have additional support in class from

 Mrs Walker and Miss Lowther





Hand in your homework, including your reading records.






Reading records and weekly homework to be sent home



Come to school in PE kit - PE is in the afternoon. 



Spelling Test - remember your spelling book! 


Children are to hand in homework on a Monday. We will set and send homework home on Wednesday. This is to allow reading records and homework books to be quarantine for 48hours. 


The children are asked to complete the following:


  • Read their school reading book (we recommend reading a few pages each day before bedtime)
  • Practise their Times Tables on TT Rockstars (we will set a required amount of challenges on Monday)
  • Practise their weekly spellings (we recommend practising these a little every day) 


For those who enjoy home learning and liked to be challenged we also set a half term home learning grid, where children can pick and choose any activity related to this half term's learning from the grid to complete at home and then share in class.



Please practise these spellings this week.




Click on our subject icons to find out more! 

Why do we have different teeth?


Today the children were asked to think about why we may have different types of teeth. We then discussed that the different teeth have different jobs to do. Then, the children worked in groups and were given three types of food (an apple segment, a chewy sweet and a banana) and three items of cutlery (scissors, two forks and a potato masher).

The children then tried to use the different cutlery items to break the food into smaller pieces. Through this, and watching a video clip, the children established that the scissors were good for snipping and cutting the food (incisors). The forks were good for ripping and tearing (canines) the food and the potato masher was good for crushing and grinding the food (molars).

Black History Month


Today we watched a film from a theatre company called Alive and Kicking. The video was a about the Windrush generation. We were given clues at the start of the lesson to see if we piece the clues together to create a story before learning about the life of Winnie and how she was treated when she arrived in Bradford. 





In English, we read a part of Firework Maker’s Daughter where Lila starts her journey to Mount Merapi. She hears lots of different noises in the jungle, attempts to fall asleep near a rock all, trips and falls all before attempting to climb Mount Merapi. We used freeze frames, role play and soundscapes to recreate this part of the story.



Today in Science we have been classifying invertebrates into different groups based on their characteristics. We then created an identification key to help us sort the animals into groups. 


Using our knowledge about identification keys from the previous lesson, we had a go at making our own for pond animals. We had to look carefully at the animals to find similarities and differences. We then creating our own yes/no questions before making our identification keys! 


In Geography we played a game of taboo to help us remember all of the geographical vocabulary we had learnt in our previous lesson! It was very tricky to describe a word without using the 'taboo' words! We have attached the cards below incase you wanted to play the game at home! 

Print off a pack of cards, share them amongst the group and start describing! Remember not to use the words below!


In PSHE, we have started to look at what is meant by the term 'democracy'. We then thought about our country and school and how we promote democracy within both. We had a lengthy discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of a democracy before coming up with some of our own opinions. 

Science - Who Am I?

Yesterday in Science, we used identification keys to help us identify aliens and then seashore animals. We then thought carefully about our yes/no question to help distinguish between the two animals. Once we had identified all the seashore animals using a key we had a go at creating our own key for a selection of pond animals. Again, we thought carefully about our yes/no questions to create a key that worked. 

After the Fall - English

We read the start of the story ‘After the Fall’. We then used clues from the picture book to infer and predict what happened next. We spotted a paper airplane on the page and wondered whether this was a clue about how Humpty got back up the wall. This got us thinking about Humpty’s idea! We wrote our idea down on a piece of paper and made a paper airplane by following a set of instructions.

Our First Day - we had a great first day back at school and cannot wait to start learning!