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Welcome to Nursery 2020-2021

Our Nursery Team

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Our significant author is Eric Carle.

Five little Speckled Frogs. The children drew the frogs with numbers 1 to 5 and crossed out each one in turn as they jumped into the pond to develop subtraction skills.

Look how well your sunflower and bean plants are growing at home!

Developing Physical Skills

Look how our cress has grown! We enjoyed making and eating cress sandwiches at Nursery!

June 2021-Planting cress! We can't wait for our cress to grow so that our yoghurt pot people have hair!

June 2021 After reading The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle, we went outdoors to see how many mini beasts we could find. We looked in the flowers, on leaves, in the soil and under rocks and plant pots, where they normally like to live!

We have shared The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and discussed what seeds need to help them to grow. We planted sunflower seeds and we are going to see if some will grow without water, in the fridge, in a dark room and in the freezer! What do you think will happen?

May 2021 Planting beans! After sharing the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk, the children planted a bean and they watched the roots, stem and leaves grow before they planted it in soil.

Easter Activities!

Have you been planting any seeds at home? I wonder if you could plant some in the Easter holidays? How will you help your seeds to grow?

Have you visited the Fairy Houses at Roundhay Park yet? Could you make a house or a garden for a fairy at home?

Magical Trails at Roundhay Park!

18th March- Wonderful Worms! We found two worms outdoors and enjoyed describing them, thinking about what they like to eat and where they live! What other mini-beasts can you find outdoors?

After reading Going on a Lion Hunt, the children painted their favourite African animal on the computer!

Jolly Phonics! How many things can you find beginning with s,a,t,p,i and n around your home?

Super shape work!

World Book Day- 4th March 2021. What wonderful activities our children have been doing at home linked with favourite books, story telling and recreating front covers of favourite books!

March 2021 - We continue to develop mark making skills at Nursery and at home, including forming the letter shapes, writing our own names and family names and drawing pictures of ourselves, friends and family!

Delightful Daffodils!

March 2021- As well as enjoying looking for signs of Spring outdoors, it is great to enjoy the milder weather as we continue to develop our gross motor skills on bikes, scooters and balance bikes at home and at Nursery!

W/C 8th February 2021- Celebrating The Chinese New Year! Making dragon puppets.

Eating and describing noodles!

2nd February 2021 Just some of our wonderful home learning!

Pictures of our favourite animals!

W/C 1st February. We have mixed red, white, blue and yellow powder paint to make different shades of pink and green. We then painted some beautiful hyacinths to remind us that Spring will be here very soon!

Colour Mixing at home!

W/C 1st February - Using cutting skills.

Using cutting skills at home!

W/C 1st February - Recording numbers in different ways

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and thank you for all the fantastic support in the first term of Nursery !

Still image for this video
What a a lovely way to end the year with this video!

Party Day!

Just some of our super performing and singing at our Christmas concerts!

December- Counting! We have been doing lots of counting in Nursery! How many things can you find to count at home? Can you find 10 of different objects to count? How many pairs of socks would you need to make 10?

Look at some of our wonderful drawings on the computer. Could you draw a picture of yourselves and your family at home on paper with some lovely colours and send a photo of it to us on Tapestry?

Making Marks. We just love drawing and practising writing our names at Nursery. We would love you to send some photos of your mark making at home through Tapestry !

What are your favourite songs?

Hickory Dickory Dock

Still image for this video

November Learning.We have been learning all about shapes at Nursery. How many different shapes can you find at home. Can you name and describe them? These are just some of the shapes we found outdoors at Nursery!

During November, we have continued to learn about Autumn and celebrated Diwali. When celebrating Diwali, we shared the story of The Runaway Chapati, attached below. The children enjoyed making chapatis with their own dough to help to retell the story!

Some of our favourite books in November!

Celebrating Diwali- We worked very carefully to use salt dough to make diva lights. We arranged sequins very carefully on to our lights, using wonderful fine motor skills!

Happy hedgehogs! We had lots of fun manipulating clay to make hedgehogs. We then used brilliant counting skills to count out 10 matchsticks for their spikes!

Look at out super clay and hand print hedgehogs!

How do you like to share a story? Could you send a photo your favourite story?

What are your favourite books? Click to see Mrs Donno's favourite books! I wonder if any of them are your favourites too?

Once all our children had settled, we talked about how we could make our Nursery a happy and friendly place to be. We all helped to make up our Nursery 'rules'.

Our Wonderful Nursery children 2020-21!

Autumn 1 Nursery Newsletter- October 2020

Information about our learning- Week commencing 28th September 2020

Look at out fantastic work on display in Nursery already!

W/C 5th October. We are continuing to learn about Autumn at Nursery. We are using our natural materials from the trees to make patterns and pictures!

October 2020- Goldilocks and the Three Bears is our special story.

October 2020- Developing physical skills outdoors!

Autumn 2020- Home Learning! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful home learning with us at Nursery!

Play Dough Recipe and Activity Ideas

W/C 5th October. We are really enjoying riding the bikes, scooters and balance bikes! Keep practising at home too!

September 2020. Look at our wonderful learning so far! We are having so much fun at Nursery and making lots of new friends!

Delicious dinners in the dining hall! September 2020

Some of our fabulous learning during lock down in the Summer term!

Summer Fun! What did you do during the summer? Have you been riding your bike or practising your ball skills? Did you grow any plants?

How many Nursery Rhymes do you know? Choose a Rhyme from the card below and see if you can sing it. Can you learn a new Nursery Ryhme each week?

Some of Mrs Donno's favourite songs and poems! Could you add some actions as you sing or say the songs and poems? Could you make and play some musical instruments too?

Developing Mathematical Language! Please use the examples of questions for each of the pictures and for developing mathematical language when out and about! Click on each picture to make it bigger!

Number Rhyme Booklet

Information booklet for parents- Reading in Nursery