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Our Nursery Team

Mrs Donno- Nursery Teacher
Mrs Watson- Nursery Officer
Mrs Howcroft- Nursery Officer
Mrs Williams- Nursery Officer
Mrs Purba- EAL Support
Mrs Woolford- LSA

If you wish to contact us in Nursery, please email Mrs Donno on

July 2020! Thank you for all your wonderful home learning during the Summer term and for keeping in touch with us all at Nursery. These are just a small selection of photos of what you have been doing. Please enjoy and use our Nursery page for ideas of activities for over the Summer! We hope you are enjoying doing the activities in your home learning packs too!

Pets! Could you send a photo of your pet and tell us how you help to look after them?

Thea with her new rabbit Wiggles!
Matilda with her new puppy Rosie!

Summer Fun! What have you been doing outdoors. Have you been riding your bike or practising your ball skills? How are your plants growing? Have they grown any fruit, vegetables or flowers yet?

Look at the beans that Rai has grown! Brilliant!
Violet has been strawberry picking, Yummy!

Hello Everybody! We hope you are all well. Thank you for continuing to keep in touch with us with your emails, photos, 2 Simple observations and phone calls! We miss you all lots!

What are your favourite books? Click to see Mrs Donno's favourite books! I wonder if any of them are your favourites too?

Jolly Phonics. There are lots of phonic games in the new Home Learning Packs that will be ready to pick up from school on Friday 19th June. Below are two examples of the activities included and already printed for you. Email Mrs Donno if you would like a pack!

You could use the pictures and photographs in your Home Learning Pack to make your own Jolly Phonics book or you could draw your own pictures!

How many Nursery Rhymes do you know? Choose a Rhyme from the card below and see if you can sing it. Can you learn a new Nursery Ryhme each week?

Some of Mrs Donno's favourite songs and poems! Could you add some actions as you sing or say the songs and poems? Could you make and play some musical instruments too?

Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day

Five Little Ducks. You could cut out the ducks below or make your own puppets to sing the song!

8th June 2020

Have you seen the play dough and butterfly videos in the Video Resource Centre?

Please continue with the activities below too and we look forward to receiving your photos and 2Simple observations!

Summer! Now that it is Summer, what kinds of things do you see happening all around? What can you do outdoors? What clothes do you wear?

Why do you need to water the plants?
Why is it good to have rain in Summer?
How do you feel in a pool on a hot day?
Why does Jurry's mummy stay near her in the water?
What kind of clothes and shoes do you wear?
Why are waterproof clothes good when it is raining?

June 2020 . Have you collected your home learning pack yet? Well done for already completing some of the activities!

What is your favourite story? Could you act it out or re-tell it using props and things you find around your house?

Going on a Bear Hunt .
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
We're Going on a Lion Hunt!

We're Going on a Lion Hunt Song


What have you done that makes you feel proud?

Raising money for a charity.
Counting steps to reach a destination!

How have you changed since you were a baby? Watch the video in the Video Resource Centre to see how Mrs Donno has changed? Could you send a picture of when you were a baby and tell us how you have changed now you are 3 or 4?

Mrs Donno when she  was a baby
Mrs Donno in Nursery when she was 3!
Mrs Williams when she was a baby like Mrs Donno!
What was Mrs Williams able to do when she was 3?
What can Mrs Williams do now she is grown up?
Does Mrs Woolford still have long hair like this?
What could Mrs Purba could do when she was 1?
Mrs Watson could sit up when she was 1!
What could she do when she was 3?
Why was Mrs Howcroft being held by her mummy?
Why is Mrs Howcroft happy in this picture?
Do you think Thomas could walk or have teeth here?
Thomas is now big and can ride his bike!
How many teeth do you think Jurry has here?
What can Jurry do in this picture?
How has Jurry changed in this picture?

Rosie's Walk. Have you watched Rosie's Walk on the Video Resource Centre? Could you draw pictures of the story and talk about what happens? Could you act out the story using prepositions?

The life cycle of a butterfly!

Violet's caterpillar activities.
Asher's caterpillars are still very tiny.
They will eat their food and grow bigger.
Mrs Donno's cocoons!
Violets butterfly!
Violet's butterfly activities!

Have you added your painted rock to the collection at the bottom park on King Lane yet? Have you been for a walk in the local woods, farm or park? What special places do we have in Leeds?

What have you been making in the kitchen at home?

Salt Dough
Turkey Korma!

What is your favourite fairy tale? What happens to Rapunzel in her tower? Why did the princess fall asleep for a hundred years in her castle? Have you got a castle at home? Could you re-tell your favourite fairy tale as you play with it?

Still image for this video

What can you use to make numbers, shapes and phonemes?

10 blueberries to make number 1!
Fruity shapes!
Caitlyn's name with things found in the woods!
Name writing on the computer!
Numbers with Jenga bricks!

Well done for those of you who are continuing to do jigsaws! Mrs Donno is doing one with a 1000 pieces! When you have completed your jigsaws, can you talk about what is happening in the picture? Does the picture tell a story?

Mrs Donno still has lots to do on her puzzle!
This is what it will look like! What is happening?
Where do you think Thomas is going in this puzzle?
What were the characters doing in this puzzle?
How many pieces do you think Oliver has here?
Mrs Watson's jigsaw!
Could you sing a song to go with your puzzle?
How long did it take Ella to do this jigsaw?

What super Eid celebrations during lock down!

Have a super half term holiday  and best wishes to all our families celebrating Eid. Stay safe and enjoy family time!

We miss you all lots!


Week Commencing 18th May 2020- Thank you for all your super home learning again this week! It is great that you are continuing to develop your drawing and writing skills. When drawing yourselves, what colour are your eyes and hair?

Sophie Hogg
Matilda Ch

What mini beasts have you been finding outdoors? How do they move? How many legs do they have? What do they like to eat?

Ena found a snail.
Thomas also found a snail!
Maya coloured a picture of a snail.

Magnificent Mark Marking!

Elsie's recipe for Mandazis.
My rainbow.
S for snake, e for egg and t for tennis racket.
My teachers by Ava.
Alpha's super letters and numbers.

Fabulous Phonics!

Making words with puzzles.
Make real and nonsense words with 3 balls!
Phoneme I spy around your home!

Can you make a puppet with a spoon, sock or paper bag? You could re-tell your favourite story!

Sophie with Rapunzel and her theatre.
Caitlyn's spoon puppets, with a tree and a cave.
Setting the scene for The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

Can you make your own puppets to go with the The Three Billy Goats Gruff or cut out the ones below? How could you make a bridge for the billy goats to cross?

Draw or cut out these frogs to sing Five Little Speckled Frogs. You could stick them on lollipop sticks. What happens to each frog as you sing the song?

Old McDonald Had a Farm puppets. Use these below to cut out or draw and make your own animal and farmer puppets. What is special about a farm? What food do we get from the things that grow there and from the different animals?

Can you make your own boat that floats in water? Can you fill containers so they are full, half full and empty? How many smaller bottles are needed to fill larger bottles? You could use your empty shampoo bottles and soap dispensers when playing with water.You could use a funnel to make it easier to fill them!

Developing Mathematical Language! Please use the examples of questions for each of the pictures and for developing mathematical language when out and about! Click on each picture to make it bigger!

How many animals are in this picture?
What would double the amount of birds be?
How many pigs and sheep altogether?
What is 1 more and 1 less of each tree and bird?
Can you sing Five Little Speckled Frogs?
How many shapes can you name and describe?
Can you draw a triangular  tepee with patterns?
What 3D shapes can you see in this picture?
How many legs are in this picture? How many wings?
Can you count the squares, circles and rectangles?
How many children if 2 went to school?
If 4 more people came, how many would there be?

Marvellous Maths at Home!

Can you thread 20 beads onto a lace?
Have you answered the questions above?
How many cakes in 2 trays? What is 1 less?
How many puzzle pieces can you do in 1 minute?
What is 1 more and 1 less as you add circles?
What number come next?
What is the greatest number here?

Week commencing 11th May. Look at some of our learning this week! During lock down, please look at all the learning on the nursery page as all of our activities are continuous and new photos added to different sections daily!

Farhaan made this drill with bricks!
Thomas drew his own  road mat!
George's art gallery.
Thomas' number train.
Matching amounts to numbers using paper plates.
Ordering numbers!
Making numbers with dough.
Collecting and counting 20 stones!
How many sweets would you have left if you ate 1?
Sticky baking for my Birthday!
Making and playing games.
Investigating mould.
Growing seeds and learning what they need to grow.
Having adventures in the park.
Looking after hedgehogs!
Writing labels for our pictures.
Drawing super pictures!
Balancing on fallen trees.
Making bags with boxes.
Climbing trees with our brothers.
Being proud of our home learning!
Making letter shapes in different ways.
Recognising that a 3 and a 'm' are similar!
Writing numbers!
Name writing.
Playing phonic games on the computer!
Exploring outdoors in the woods!
Thumbs up to outdoor learning!
Helping with the gardening!
Make food for birds.
Asher's sunny sunflower wreath.
Caitlyn's rhyming words!
Daniel's butterfly and caterpillars getting longer
Making paper dolls!
Squrting numbers on the fence.
Drawing kind aliens!
Even more planting!
Where will Harrison go on his pirate ship?
Finding out about animals in our local area.
Drawing Elsa and Anna from our favourite film.
Matching numbers to ladybird spots!
Having a healthy fruit cafe!
Playing schools with our toys!
Sand and water play.

Could you go on a phoneme hunt around your house? How many things can you find beginning with 'S'? I love the cutting activity below too!

Drawing pictures of things begining with s.
Aadam's sun, snake, sky and his brother Saifa.
Brilliant cutting- s for scooter, i for ink!
Writing phonemes in flour.

Wonderful Phonic work!

How many things can you find beginning with 'p'?
Can you have a go at labelling pictures like cat?
Can you make simple words with fridge magnets?
Can you match initial sounds with pictures?
Saying the sounds that each phoneme makes
Yaqub drew a spider and stairs for 's'
Matthew and mummy both begin with a 'm'!
Elsie writing CVC words to label her pictures.
I Spy ...something beginning with 'C'!
Carefully writing the letter shapes!
Matching pictures to phonemes.
Maryam writing simple rhyming words!

How many things can you do in a minute? Look at the other time challenges too on the sheet below.

Timing things we can do in a minute!

How many jumps, hops or runs between 2 obstacles.
How many times can you write your name?
How many circles can you draw?
How many times can you catch or bounce a ball?
How many times can you go up then down your slide?
How many bricks can you stack?
Thomas picked up 29 pompoms in a minute!
How many  jigsaw  pieces can Asher do in 1 minute?

Have you had fun singing and making music with Ms Heap yet?

Rai and his big sister!
Thomas with his little sister!
Thomas exploring sounds with metal bowls.
Hattie and Claudia.
Great listening here Matilda!

There are some super Talk for Writing ideas in the pack below and also link with outdoor learning!

Best wishes to all our families during Ramadan and we look forward to celebrating Eid with you all very soon!

Our wonderful Nursery- 2019-20! Pictures of ourselves, our friends and teachers!

Mrs Donno
Mrs Watson
Elsie with some of her friends.
Thomas with Elsie, Mrs Watson and Mrs Donno.
Oliver and Millie at bowling.
Mrs Donno with a rainbow in the sunshine.
Rai with Farhaan and Thomas.
Samantha's picture of Nursery and Little People.
Sophie H
Sophie L with Mrs Donno and Leah.
Farhaan- me!
Ilarie with his friends
Lucas- Mrs Donno and Mrs Watson!
Thomas- me!
Ella with George
Ella with her friends.
Ella's picture of Luna and Thea.
Maya with a spider!
Zephaniah- My Nursery teachers
Zephaniah- me and my family!
Siona with Mrs Donno and Caitlyn.
Mrs Watson by Filip.
Mrs Donno by Luna
Mrs Woolford by Luna
Hafsa with her friends!
Me by Hattie!
Aadam with Mrs Donno, Millie and Oliver!
Samraj with Oliver and Aadam.

What do you love to do in Nursery?

Sophie likes to play  with Leah in the homecorner.
Thomas loves the contruction area!
Violet in the home corner with Samantha
Thea likes to play outdoors with Luna and George.
Ralph likes to play on the bikes with Matthew.
Maya in the home corner with Sophie and Mrs Watson
Daniel loves the pirate ship!

Have you made an obstacle course or a circuit outdoors yet? Rai and Jemima did this super one!

Farhaan's jumps!
Thea's sack race.

Drawing frames and pictures for the lifecycle of a hen.

Home Learning- Week Commencing 4th May 2020. Please continue with all the ideas and activities on our Nursery page. New photos and ideas are added daily!

Bake some cakes or buns together!
Do a jigsaw.
Make props amd pictures for favourite songs.
Think of words that rhyme.
Write a shopping list with pictures and words!
Draw, colour and write your name!
Go on flower and mini beast hunts.
Draw pictures and write simple words like cat.
Plant seeds and help to look after them.
Make rainbows and cards to say thank you!
Help to chop up fruit and vegetables for dinner
Think of what you will be when you grow up?
Play board games with your families!
Find, describe and compare 3D shapes all around.
Make dough food, shapes, letters and numbers.
How many pots or bricks can you stack in 1 minute?
Say the sound that magnetic letters make.
Think of different ways to make 10.
Go on phoneme hunts.
Draw a picture of a penguin with a kite!
Make an art gallery in your home!
Make homes for your animals.
Compare and describe the size of towers.
Draw and label things in our wonderful world!
Ride bikes and scooters!
Use bottles, jugs and funnels in sand and water.
Find interesting things growing outdoors.
Play games on the computer to compare size.
Learn about where animals live around the world.
Learn how to use new tools with your adults!
Keep up the wonderful name writing!
Find different ways to draw a picture!
Draw favourite animals like elephants!
Explore outdoors with your families!
Find out how a rainbow is made!
Count objects in to bun cases with numbers!

The life cycle of a frog! Do you know what happens to frogspawn in a pond?


Have you made a hotel or home for a mini beast yet?

Use this mini beast tick list or make your own for when you are searching for them outdoors!

How many of things on the sheet below can you find on your daily walk outdoors?

Use your senses to find things on this scavenger hunt!

Scavenger and mini beast hunts already completed!

How many different ways can you make a mini beats?

Play dough.
Junk boxes.

Preparing for VE day!

Friday 8th May is VE day. Please see the activities attached to celebrate this day!

Make a banana smoothie!

Look at these super pictures of you making smoothies and kebabs with fruit! Well done for cutting up your own fruit!

Creating memories during this time in lockdown! How will you remember this time?

Thea's family handprints with dough.
Asher's family handprint picture.
Yaqub's family handprints to remember Ramadan.

How to make a fairy garden!

I love the wonderful fairy gardens and shelters some of you have been making! Some super dens too!

Sophie used flowers to make hers look pretty too
Sophie and Jamie's den with a Greek theme!
Ava and her big sister.
Ava's den building outdoors.
Rai's fairy garden!
Asher and Maya's terrific tent!
Team work for Ella and Jack!
Tobias found this wonderful den in the woods!
Matilda and Alfie

Can you find interesting objects all around and think of special words to describe them? Messy activities like cornflour and water are great for developing language too!

Ella's bark was 'rough' and 'smooth'!
Ella said  her cornflour was 'hard like a solid'.
What will Hattie and Claudia find under the towel?
How does food feel and smell when preparing it?
Caitlyn's bread dough was 'sticky'.
How did Thea's lollies feel once they were frozen?

Shapes! Have you been on a shape hunt around your home? How many different ways can you make shapes and patterns?

Using lego to make shapes with straight sides.
Building with construction kits
How many shapes can you make with squares?
Can you find 3D shapes outdoors?
Super shape cutting Lucas!
A super square Rai with all sides the same!

What do you know about Planet Earth? Could you draw a picture of the wonderful things we have in our world? How do we need to look after Planet Earth?

What would you like to be when you grow up? Could you draw me a picture of what you would like to be?

A firefigher
A doctor

Home Learning Ideas Grid 22nd April 2020

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly!

What will happen to these caterpillars?
Violet's caterpillars are now inside cocoons!
Violet made a chrysalis to hang on this branch!
Rai's caterpillar with super writing too!
Filip's caterpillar.
Thea's missing number caterpillar!
Cutting egg boxes for a 3D caterpillar!
Careful cutting to make a caterpillar!
Jurry's caterpillar made with circles!
Elora's bottle top caterpillar!
Violet's number caterpillar.
Ava's butterfly
Rai's beautiful butterfly
Jurry's mosaic butterfly.
Salmaan enjoying watching the story on You Tube!
The lifecycle of a butterfly by Thomas.

Find out about the John Lewis Super Hero competition using this link:

How many words can you think of that rhyme? Can you say a silly sentence that rhymes?

Still image for this video

Thomas rhyming words.mp4

Still image for this video

Outdoor Learning

How many times you can catch and bounce a ball?
How many skittles fall down after 2 aims?
Go on a Spring walk and talk about what you see!
Riding bikes and keeping them clean!

Hello everybody! Welcome back after the Easter break. Well done for all being so busy at home, here are some of the things you have been doing.

Baking train cakes for the train track.
Planting seeds with our families.
Making exploding volcanoes!
Going on Easter egg hunts in the garden.
Writing letters to special friends.
Riding scooters.
Making prints to practise counting and numbers.
Making yummy biscuits.
Ordering numbers to 10.
Rolling dough to make pizza!
Decorating stones.
Climbing trees. Can you see a 'v' here?
Getting ready for when mummy has her baby!
Making and eating noodles with chopsticks!
Playing games with big brothers!
Using Maths skills with tea parties!
Being able to say initial sounds in words!
Making patterns that tessellate with chalks.
Writing rhyming CVC words like hat and cat!
Making fruit kebabs.
Drawing on big pieces of paper outdoors.
Making pretty Spring hats with flowers.
Drawing beautiful shapes and patterns on eggs.
Drawing pictures with our families.
Drawing Spring pictures.
Exploring outdoors!
Harrison's shape picture.

Look how many different ways we can write our names!

Celebrating our Birthdays!

At Nursery, we all help to tidy up and keep our Nursery looking wonderful and ready for all our learning. Well done children for also helping with jobs at home! How are you helping at home?

Elsie hanging the washing out to dry.
Ilarie making then adding toppings to pancakes.
Thomas drying the dishes from the dish washer.
Thomas hanging the socks up to dry with pegs.
Samraj helping to wash the car.
George painting the fence.
Sanah helping to bake Birthday cakes!
Helping with the shopping.
Tobias helping to paint the walls in the new room.
Making yummy meatballs.
Helping to do the gardening!
Using tools carefully with daddy!

Could you make a card, a flower or draw a picture for a friend or neighbour to let them know you are thinking of them?

Ella wanted to make her neighbour smile.
She made her a flower.
Violet posted a picture to her friend Thea!
Ella wrote a letter to a friend.
Matilda made a Birthday letter for Uncle Mark.
Matthew sent a letter to his grandma.
Saying thank you to all the adults in school!
Tobias made a flower for mummy.
Writing letters to grandma and granddad!

Have a lovely Easter holiday everybody. Stay safe and look after each other. Some ideas on the grid below to keep you all busy!

Life cycle of my plant recording sheet.

Week Commencing 30th March 2020- Sharing Ideas for Home Learning! Look how busy you have all been so far!

When going for a walk in our local area, when you come back, you could draw a map of some of the things you see like the trees, Spring flowers, houses and animals like dogs and cats. Do you think you might see a tiger or a river?

What is the name of your street?
What do you think Sam has seen here in the woods?
Luna used her senses when on her Spring walk!

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer by Caitlyn

Still image for this video
Could you make an instrument or a prop to go with your favourite song then send me a video of you singing the song? Please look on Video Resource Centre in the Children's section for more videos.

Elmer the Elephant! Well done all of you who are using the ideas on our Nursery page and from your 2Simple home learning next steps. I would love to see more Elmer the Elephants! Look out for the Elmer story coming soon in the Video Resource Centre!

You could draw some patterns on egg shapes to make Easter cards for your friends and family.Here are some photos of crafty things some of you have been doing!

Useful wesites and free links.

Home Learning Ideas and Information from 23rd March 2020

Nursery Home Learning Challenges- W/C 23rd March 2020

Could you make a rainbow at home? These rainbows have already made me feel happy! Mrs Donno

Free resources below from Orchard Toys. Visit their web site for home learning packs!

Thank you for sending me all your photos and 2Simple observations of your wonderful learning at home. These are just some of the things you have all been doing. Thank you for making me smile! Mrs Donno

Supporting Literacy at Home

Play Dough Recipe and Activity Ideas

Number Rhyme Booklet

Information booklet for parents- Reading in Nursery

2Simple Observations from home. Please see the document attached with information about how to send observations to Nursery.

Please click on the link for the Jolly Phonics actions. In Nursery, we are learning s,a,t,p,i and n in the Spring term. A sheet for all Phase Two Jolly Phonics sounds is in your home learning pack. Sing the songs on You Tube too!

Information about our learning for parents- 16th and 23rd March 2020

We have been learning about number 3! Can you spot some number 3's at home or on the way to school?

We have made the most of the weather today and had lots of fun experiencing the melting snow outdoors.

Celebrating The Chinese New Year

We have been writing and making numbers 0,1 and 2 in different ways! Can you go on a number hunt at home and see how many of these numbers you can see all around? What number do you have on your front door? Can you spot these numbers on your washing machine or microwave? Can you send photos on 2Simple of some of the numbers that you find?

Look at just some of the shapes we have found in our Nursery environment. Could you take photos of shapes you see all around at home and send them to nursery using 2Simple? Can you name and describe the shapes you find?

We have been developing ball skills outdoors. Could you practise throwing, catching and kicking a ball at home?

We have been mixing our own powder paint to make different shades of blue!

We are learning all about Winter and the Polar Regions!

Happy New Year to all of our families and we look forward to lots of wonderful learning together in 2020!

Our Cracking Christmas Concerts!

Let's bake a cake!

We are learning about the first Christmas by re- telling the story with props, singing and through drama!

18th November- This week, we are really enjoying doing lots of different activities linked with Going on a Bear Hunt!

Thank you to all our families that joined us in our Stay and Play sessions in November!

Learning about Italy during International Week! We really enjoyed making pizzas!

Our Happy Harvest Festival!

Forest school activities! We had fun making crowns and magic wands! Thank you for all the natural materials you have been collecting on Autumn walks at home.