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If you wish to contact us in Nursery, please email the school at

Spring: WONDERFUL WORLD! For the second part of the spring term we have been learning about Africa and comparing it to where we live.

Spring: WONDERFUL WORLD! This half term we have been learning about where we live, exploring the school grounds and celebrating Lunar New Year with our friends.

Autumn: MARVELLOUS ME! Using our senses. We tasted different fruit and smelt plants from our Nursery garden. We recorded what we liked and didn't like on a chart with smiley or sad faces!

Autumn Celebrations! We learnt all about Diwali and Bonfire Night. We started by sharing the story of The Runaway Chapati and making Diva Lights and chapatis with salt dough!

The story of The Runaway Chapati!

Rangoli Patterns!

Who do you think these babies are? How do you think they have changed now that they are in Nursery?

Collecting natural materials and making patterns and pictures with them!

September 2021 -What a super time we have had in Nursery this week! Well done to all our new children for settling so beautifully. These are just some of the things we have been doing.

Play Dough Recipe and Activity Ideas

How many Nursery Rhymes do you know? Choose a Rhyme from the card below and see if you can sing it. Can you learn a new Nursery Ryhme each week?

Some of Nursery's favourite songs and poems! Could you add some actions as you sing or say the songs and poems? Could you make and play some musical instruments too?

Developing Mathematical Language! Please use the examples of questions for each of the pictures and for developing mathematical language when out and about! Click on each picture to make it bigger!

Number Rhyme Booklet

Information booklet for parents- Reading in Nursery