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Welcome to Nursery



Welcome to Nursery 2020-2021

Our Nursery Team

Mrs Donno- Nursery Teacher
Mrs Watson- Nursery Officer
Mrs Howcroft- Nursery Officer
Mrs Williams- Nursery Officer
Mrs Purba- EAL Support
Mrs Woolford- LSA

If you wish to contact us in Nursery, please email Mrs Donno on

Our significant author is Eric Carle.

How do you like to share a story? Could you send a photo your favourite story?

What are your favourite books? Click to see Mrs Donno's favourite books! I wonder if any of them are your favourites too?

Once all our children had settled, we talked about how we could make our Nursery a happy and friendly place to be. We all helped to make up our Nursery 'rules'.

Our Wonderful Nursery children 2020-21!

Autumn 1 Nursery Newsletter- October 2020

Information about our learning- Week commencing 28th September 2020

Look at out fantastic work on display in Nursery already!

Marvellous mark making!
Perfect paintings!
Crafty creations!

W/C 5th October. We are continuing to learn about Autumn at Nursery. We are using our natural materials from the trees to make patterns and pictures!

How many shapes can you make with sticks?
How many sides does a rectangle and triangle have?

October 2020- Goldilocks and the Three Bears is our special story.

October 2020- Developing physical skills outdoors!

Maneuvering around cones.
Concentrating as we move!
Jumping across hoops in different ways.
Using balancing skills.
Naming shapes as we jump onto them.
Counting and learning numbers too!
Experimenting with different ways of moving in a safe way.
Working safely together.
Having lots of fun!

Autumn 2020- Home Learning! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful home learning with us at Nursery!

Looking for signs of Autumn.
Making pictures with Autumn leaves
Exploring outdoors!
Collecting pumpkins!
Playing games with our families!
Enjoying being together at home!
Searching for natural materials in the woods.
Using natural materials to make patterns in dough.
Making shapes with play dough.
Being excited and ready to come to Nursery!
All the leaves are falling down! What colour are all the Autumn leaves?
What noises do the leaves make as you walk through them?

Play Dough Recipe and Activity Ideas

W/C 5th October. We are really enjoying riding the bikes, scooters and balance bikes! Keep practising at home too!

September 2020. Look at our wonderful learning so far! We are having so much fun at Nursery and making lots of new friends!

Delicious dinners in the dining hall! September 2020

Some of our fabulous learning during lock down in the Summer term!

Summer Fun! What did you do during the summer? Have you been riding your bike or practising your ball skills? Did you grow any plants?

Look at the beans that Rai has grown! Brilliant!
Violet has been strawberry picking, Yummy!

How many Nursery Rhymes do you know? Choose a Rhyme from the card below and see if you can sing it. Can you learn a new Nursery Ryhme each week?

Some of Mrs Donno's favourite songs and poems! Could you add some actions as you sing or say the songs and poems? Could you make and play some musical instruments too?

Developing Mathematical Language! Please use the examples of questions for each of the pictures and for developing mathematical language when out and about! Click on each picture to make it bigger!

How many animals are in this picture?
What would double the amount of birds be?
How many pigs and sheep altogether?
What is 1 more and 1 less of each tree and bird?
Can you sing Five Little Speckled Frogs?
How many shapes can you name and describe?
Can you draw a triangular  tepee with patterns?
What 3D shapes can you see in this picture?
How many legs are in this picture? How many wings?
Can you count the squares, circles and rectangles?
How many children if 2 went to school?
If 4 more people came, how many would there be?

Supporting Literacy at Home

Number Rhyme Booklet

Information booklet for parents- Reading in Nursery