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Our English vision is to foster a love of language and literature through the use of quality texts and books; this inspires, excites and engages our children.

At Alwoodley Primary School, we aim to foster a love of language and reading and, therefore, attach great importance to enabling our children to become fluent readers. In Reception and Year One we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics programme, supported by actions used in the ‘Jolly Phonics’ programme. This teaches children the sounds and tricky words needed to support them with their reading and writing. From Year Two this is then followed by ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ which teaches the children the basic skills needed to read and write words. Grammar and punctuation is taught both explicitly and implicitly within English lessons. Our grammar and punctuation policy ensures that grammar skills are effectively embedded into the children’s everyday work.


Children will experience a wide range of authors and text types during their time at Alwoodley Primary School. We approach reading in three different ways; through reading for pleasure, reading across the curriculum and teaching reading skills explicitly. Each year group also has their own author, throughout the year they read a range of books by them. We aim to instill a passion for reading throughout the school and hold regular events throughout the year to promote this. The children have access to a range of different reading books, predominantly those within the Oxford Reading scheme. These include Big Cat Phonics books, Songbirds and Project X. By providing the children with a range of books it ensures that they not only suit their ability but also allow them to experience a range of writing styles and text types. 



Children are encouraged to use their knowledge of texts to write for a variety of purposes such as: explanations, instructions, reports, balanced arguments, stories and poems. They learn to plan, draft, revise, edit and present their work, before evaluating the success of their writing. From Nursery, our children are taught letter formation using the Irlens handwriting scheme. As they progress through school, the children are encouraged to write in a neat, legible style using a cursive script.



Drama and speaking and listening are an integral part of not only English but also the wider curriculum in order to encourage self-confidence, imagination and empathy. It is used to stimulate, explore and challenge ideas. Communication is a key feature of many aspects of our curriculum.


Virtual Library

World Nursery Rhyme Week

Thank you to everyone for taking part. There are some brilliant videos of you all in the Video Resource Centre!

If you want to, you could try some of the activities below.

Long term plan 2020-2021

SMSC in English

Reading newsletter - Autumn 2020

National Curriculum English Overview

Returning to school

We bought some gorgeous new books to use with the children to help settle them back into school and to support their transition into a new class. Here are some examples of the books if you would like to share them with your children at home.


On Wednesday 22nd April it was Earth Day and we set a whole school challenge for children to learn and perform or write their own poem. Look at the amazing poems we received! 


Look at our amazing poems.

Lucy in Reception recorded herself saying her lovely poem.

Lucia in Reception wrote her own poem and read it beautifully.

Still image for this video

Ariah in Y2 created an Earth scene with lovely props to perform her poem.

Still image for this video

Jaya in Y4 has added images to her video and confidently performed her acrostic poem.

Still image for this video

Pavan in Reception made his own Earth poem and performed it.

Still image for this video

Fatima in Y1 has performed her lovely poem.

Still image for this video

Codey in Reception performed an Earth Day poem in the sunshine.

Still image for this video

Radha in Reception performed a rhyming poem.

Still image for this video

Mariam in Y4 has written an Earth Day song and performed it with her guitar.

Still image for this video

Adahlia in Reception has performed her poem with lovely expression.

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World Book Day 2020


We invited our parents and carers in to a 'Big Read' in the morning, we loved sharing stories together.

We brought in clues about our favourite books, can you guess what they are?

Look at the fabulous learning we have been doing throughout school.

In Reception we have been reading the story 'Aliens Love Underpants'. We then made our own underpants which an alien stole! We decided to make posters so that everyone in school could look out for the cheeky alien.

In Year 1 we use lots of role play and Talk for Writing to help us with our reading and writing. We work as a group to rehearse a story and develop our speaking and listening skills.

In Year 2 we have been using drama to link our Grace Darling history topic with our English learning. We have also enjoyed creating circle maps about our significant author, Anthony Browne.

In Year 3 we have used the Literacy Shed clip 'The Lone Robot' to create our own story maps about a robot.

In Year 4 we have been enjoying reading the story 'The Firework-maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman. We have created art from the language of the text and taken part in drama activities.

In Year 5 we have have been making posters about the Demon Headmaster, doing roleplay about the Highwayman poem and enjoying a book cafe!

Visitors and events

An inspirational visit from illustrator, Chris Mould

Stunning examples of written work around school

Reading Survey Monkey

Can you fill in this survey monkey to let you know how you feel about reading?

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.