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Year 1

Some amazing home learning this week!

Year 1's superb home learning

This weeks home learning.

This weeks Kenya home learning.

Francesca has created her own snuggles area at home!

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She's doing her reading challenge.

Our topic this term is Kenya. Here are some amazing home learning!

Nathan counting 1-10 in Cantonese

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Some lovely work and activities!

Eid Celebrations!

Here is some of the fantastic home learning that you have been doing at home. Keep up all of your hard work; parents and children!

English Home Learning project; Panda and Baloo

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Meet the Year 1 Team
Class teacher: Miss Rick and Mr Loudon. Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Manning, Miss Christie and Mrs Carden.

School Council Representative

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Year 1 Curriculum Overview for the Year 19/20

Important Days


Monday - Bring in book bags (school book bags only) and PE kit (PE is on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Tuesday - Children will come home in PE kits with uniforms in PE bags.

Friday - Bring in library books as we change them in the mornings. Golden Time is on a Friday, if your child does a sporty activity they may need their PE kit on this day also. 

Any important dates, like discos etc., will be added to home learning sheets so please look out for those :)


Spring 2 topics in Year 1


In English we are learning about 'Under the sea' We are learning about poems and rhyming words that are related to the sea e.g. fish and wish. We then are writing our own poems. We are also learning about non fiction and have written our own books on Octopuses.


In Mathematics we have been learning about measurements. We have compared lengths longer and shorter, height taller and smaller, weight heavier and lighter. We have also been ordering different capacities and realising that even though a range of pots or cups can be full, if they are taller and rounder this affects which one has the biggest volume of water.

In Spanish we have been learning numbers, colours, feelings and greetings! 

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In History we are learning about transport. We are exploring how transport has changed throughout time. E.g. a flyer to an aeroplane now.

In Geography we have been looking at our local area. We have walked around our school grounds and have created our own maps and symbols. We have then explored our local area and have investigated human and physical features. 
We have been celebrating International Week! We have been learning all about the European country Iceland. We learnt about the countries location on the globe, what natural features they have, an Icelandic dance, we made their traditional dish Flatbraud and learnt lots of fun facts about the country. We then had a party with our partnered country Greece in Year six and ate some mezze. 
In PE we have been practising ball skills by learning the correct strategies for throwing and catching! We have worked hard on keeping control of the ball.

In Science we are learning about our animals. We have learnt the vocabulary mammal, bird, fish, reptile and amphibian. We have then learnt which category different animals fit in e.g. a bat is a mammal because it has fur and you can see its ears unlike a bird where they are hidden. We have then learnt if the animals are a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore.


In RE we are learning about Christians and Muslims. We are learning about how people celebrate these religions by learning some religious stories and what books are important to their religion. 
In PHSE we are learning about different types of emotions. We are learning about what feelings we have and how we react to these feelings.
In Art we are looking at old portraits and discussing what makes them look old. We are then using a range of materials; oil pastels, paint, collage to see if we can create an old portrait of Sir Francis Drake using shades of dull colours. 

Helpful Links and Documents

English and Phonics Support
Mathematics Support
Computing Support
For the 'Learn how use the keyboard' activity, search for the school's post code LS17 5HX and type in year1 for the username and the password. 
Geography Support

In Guided Reading we have a daily whole class reading session. We practice our 6 VIPERS; Vocabulary what do the words mean, Retrieve catch the information we have read, Explain give an explanation of what we has happened, Inference using our own knowledge to make links, Predict guessing what might happen and Sequence to put text and stories into order.

Our Class Novel

We read Micheal Rosen's books throughout the year and at the moment we are reading Uncle Gobb. Can you find any other books that he has written?

Year 1 Home Learning

Our first week in Year 1

We have had a great start to the year and have enjoyed getting to know our classroom and all our new routines! We have been challenging ourselves independently in the different areas, which include Toca Builders, Mr Maker, Snuggles and Roleplay. 

Fantastic Phonics!

Year 1 parents and carers enjoyed taking part in our phonics session. The children taught them different ways to learn new sounds!