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V E Day - a special celebration marking an important
date in British History!



Underneath, you will find a letter that has been written to you with an important task to complete. It would also be good to find out a little bit about this special day. You can find some resources on this page too. Then you can become a History detective and gather some information about it. Good luck!



Letter for children


Dear Children,

This Friday (8th May) marks a very important date in British History. This year is the 75th anniversary of V E Day which is a special event!

Some of you may already know what VE day is. It is a day to remember and celebrate the end of the fighting in Europe during the Second World War. It ended 75 years ago in May 1945. We would like you to find out a little bit about it by watching the videos on our page and thinking about why the day is so important.

“We’ll Meet Again”

If you click on the video underneath our letter, you can hear this beautiful song by Vera Lynn. It was very famous during World War Two as people thought about their loved ones going away to war and wishing to meet them again soon. How might this song have made them feel on VE day? Vera sang it in London to celebrate 60 years since VE day in 2005.

We also thought that this song captured how some of us might be feeling at the moment. Missing friends, family and school.

Your task

Could you write a letter to a friend, teacher or family member? We would like you to tell us about the song and what it means to you when you hear it. What would it mean to the people hearing the news about the end of War in Europe? What have you learnt about VE day?

When finished, take a photo or send it to us via email. We’d love to see it. If you write it on paper, perhaps you could even post it to school at:

'We'll Meet Again' 

Alwoodley Primary School 

Cranmer Rise, 


LS17 5HX 

We would like to use some of these letters to create our own time capsule as we are all too living in an important moment of history. 

We are all looking forward to “meeting again” very soon.

Miss Clarke & Miss McLaughlan

V E Day song - Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Mr T has made a History lesson all about VE Day if you would like to learn a little bit more!

Other places to look:





School Closure History Competition! 

Take part in this competition and send your entries to 

My House is My Museum 

Imagine creating your own exhibition or gallery of artworks inspired by you! What would you like people to know about you? What are the important things in your home that are close to your heart? Who might you paint a picture of? Toys, special outfits, holiday souvenirs and much-loved teddy bears are some of the many things you might wish to include as objects are artworks.

Liverpool Museums have set a challenge for all children aged 4-11. 

Please follow the link below to find out more on how to enter!




Our vision for History is that all children develop skills through an enquiry approach.

In History pupils are encouraged to question their understanding of the past allowing them to enjoy all that History has to offer. Through the use of artefact and exciting trips, pupils gain an in-depth understanding of significant events in British history as well as appreciating how things change over time. Without History, there would be no future!

History Long Term Plan

National Curriculum 

SMSC in History

Progression of Skills 

Useful Websites

Artefacts - What can we find out about the ancient Egyptians? 


Year 4 had a special delivery from Leeds Musuem. We had to look carefully at each object to see if we could find any links to our previous topics. We were then given some clues about each object before using some further research about each object. We then created our own exhibition and thought carefully about the title trying to make a link to each object. 

Black History Month


This month children have been celebrating Black History Month. Each year group looked at a significant individual within black history and answered a range of enquiry questions. Reception have been learning about good role models. They have been listening and performing songs about the civils right movement. Year 1 have been investigating the achievements of Serena Williams and how they are significant whilst Year 2 have been learning all about the Windrush generation through poetry. Year 3 have been thinking about Muhammed Ali and his legacy whilst Year 4 have been considering a very important question: Does racism impact sporting ability? Year 5 have been learning about Nelson Mandela’s life before considering why Obama’s presidency was significant and Year 6 have been learning all about American segregation and how this impacted individuals at school and work.

What can we find out from the Victorians? 


Year 6 have been looking carefully at artefacts from the Victorian period to see if they can find out any information about what life was like for the Victorians. 

Alive and Kicking - Victorian Drama 


We experienced life in a Victorian workhouse when Martin from the Theatre company 'Alive and kicking' came to visit.

Armley Mills 


As part of their History topic, Year 6 visited the Victorian school room at Armley Mills 

Now Press Play 


Year 6 have been using Now Press Play to explore what life was like in the workhouse.