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Our vision for History is that all children develop skills through an enquiry approach.

In History pupils are encouraged to question their understanding of the past allowing them to enjoy all that History has to offer. Through the use of artefact and exciting trips, pupils gain an in-depth understanding of significant events in British history as well as appreciating how things change over time. Without History, there would be no future!

History Long Term Plan

National Curriculum 

SMSC in History

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This Day in History 


17th July 1955

Look at the picture. Can you guess what might have happened on this day in 1955? 

Picture 1

Black History Month


This month children have been celebrating Black History Month. Each year group looked at a significant individual within black history and answered a range of enquiry questions. Reception have been learning about good role models. They have been listening and performing songs about the civils right movement. Year 1 have been investigating the achievements of Serena Williams and how they are significant whilst Year 2 have been learning all about the Windrush generation through poetry. Year 3 have been thinking about Muhammed Ali and his legacy whilst Year 4 have been considering a very important question: Does racism impact sporting ability? Year 5 have been learning about Nelson Mandela’s life before considering why Obama’s presidency was significant and Year 6 have been learning all about American segregation and how this impacted individuals at school and work.

Neil Armstrong

1930 - 2012 


Year 1 children have been focusing on significant people and discussing changes beyond living memory. Using pictures, children have been looking for clues as to who Neil Armstrong is. 

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