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Year 6


Meet our wonderful Year 6 team.

Meet our current School Council Representatives.

6CP Rep: Aanya
6MD Rep: Rajan

Year 6 Long Term Plan

What to bring to school

Reading Record book

Homework Diary

Tuesday Homework Diary

Library book

Homework Diary



PE Kit

Homework Diary


Homework Diary

Spelling Test

Golden Time (if needed)


Today we enjoyed visiting Allerton High school and learning about how much energy is in various foods.

Look how many children in year 6 carried out the Library reading challenge.

These are a selection of books we are studying in year 6, many with a historical theme:

 Image result for rose blanche    Image result for wonder

Have a look on this link to see if you fancy any of the recommendations!

We experienced life in a Victorian workhouse when Martin from the Theatre company 'Alive and kicking' came to visit.

As part of our Maths Curriculum, we used Now Press Play to solve the murder in New York! We had to calculate a range of mathematical mysteries.

This half term, we have been studying the works of Paul Cezanne. We explored his still life pictures and recreated our own.

In our music lessons we have learnt how to play ,Also Sprach Zarathustra, by the composer Strauss. Every child plays an instrument and we have managed to play all 5 parts together. It sounds brilliant.

National Fitness Day - 6CP managed to clock up 69.5km!

6CP had a great morning at Allerton High School using Bunsen burners and burning a range of materials.

We started our Victorian topic by exploring a range of artefacts.

What an excellent afternoon we’ve had in Science where the power of teamwork was evident in this experiment.