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Learning Together, Growing Stronger.

Ethos and Values




At Alwoodley, our goal is to ‘grow’ a school where everyone is ‘learning’ using cognitive education approaches. Children are encouraged to have a ‘strong’ sense of self and we equip them with the personal development skills needed to succeed. Reading is prioritised throughout a child’s journey with us, to drive their academic progress across the curriculum. We share and celebrate successes ‘together, as one community, striving towards a common goal of: Learning Together, Growing Stronger. 




At Alwoodley Primary, we prioritise helping our pupils discover their unique qualities and how they can use them to make a positive impact on the world. Our 21st - century education goes beyond knowledge acquisition: focussing on developing transferable skills that will aid them beyond school. We instil a set of core 'Habits of Mind' fostering ethical behaviour, good decision-making  and community involvement from Nursery to Year 6.


If you would like to read more about the 'Habits of Mind' please click here


Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Provide equal opportunities for all pupils.

  • Provide teaching and learning of the highest quality.

  • Adapt learning to take account of the needs of each individual.

  • Support pupils’ physical, mental, social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs.

  • Keep all pupils safe from physical and emotional harm.

  • Provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that prepares pupils for modern life.

  • Enrich pupils’ learning through visits and experiences.

  • Embrace the community and make parents part of the school's success.

  • Create a friendly, happy atmosphere where good behaviour is the norm and attitudes to learning are positive. 

  • Achieve the best outcomes for all.


Our aims are tied together with three golden threads that are embedded consistently from Nursery through the Year Six.  They are:

Golden thread one - Cognitive Education: Learning how our brain works to become better learners.

Golden thread two - Reading: Fostering a life long love of reading. 

Golden thread three - Personal Development: Building knowledge, attitudes, skills, relationships and behaviours that can be used to navigate the world we live in. 


Our golden threads should:

  • Be visible in each classroom – on displays and learning resources and talked about with pupils.
  • Be referred to during lessons.
  • Become part of everyday language in school.
  • Feature in our planning.
  • Be used to reinforce positive learning behaviours with all classes.
  • Be used as an important part of pupils’ reflection and review time.
  • Be used with individuals to encourage specific behaviours like resilience, challenge and motivation.


For more information, please visit, 'Our Curriculum' under, 'Key Information'.