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Learning Together, Growing Stronger.




At Alwoodley Primary School we believe that good behaviour is a necessary prerequisite for enabling effective teaching and learning to take place.

This policy emphasises our respect for the rights of each individual and our understanding of the responsibilities we all share as members of our school community. We aim to develop in each child feelings of security, positive

self-image, self-confidence, group identity and responsibility for his/her own actions.  At times there will be individual children who have particular needs

that mean they will need additional support and tolerance by all staff which

may have to be sustained over long periods of time. If we believe that a child

may be going to hurt themselves or someone else we may need to intervene.


Our School Rules


S (Safety)  We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

U (Understanding)  We only say kind words to each other.

P (Prepared)  We arrive at school on time and ready to learn.

E (Effort)  We always try our best and make the right choices.

R (Respect)  We are kind, polite, honest and use good manners.


These rules apply at all times including lunchtimes and any situation either

on the school premises or on an educational visit.


We are extremely proud of the excellent behaviour throughout school. Our main reward for Years 1 - 6 is our special Golden Time every Friday afternoon.

Children select from a menu of varied and exciting activities with different

adults. If they have misbehaved they lose Golden Time but can "buy it back"

by being especially good.


Every week "Come Dine With Me" is a special reward for good work and

good behaviour. Children have lunch with the Headteacher and Learning Mentor

in a quiet room.

Golden Time

It is our main whole school approach to behaviour.



A reward for good behaviour and work.

To extend creativity and enjoyment.

To enable all staff to work with different children.

To utilise the skills of all staff.

So that children can work in different groups and meet new friends.

To promote speaking and listening.



Up to 40 minutes of any activity.


What if?

Child badly behaved. For Y3 to Y6 children - is regularly late / does not do      their homework / does not bring their PE kit, reading book etc.

(We understand that sometimes there may be exceptional reasons behind these things and parents can explain these to the class teacher)

He or she misses out on the agreed time and then joins their group. Serious          incidents would mean staying for the whole session with a teacher.                          Children can “buy back” time by being particularly good or doing                            exceptional work.



Friday after lunch.

Every half term groups change.



Groups can work anywhere with their leader.



Any adult employed by school can lead a group individually or share with another adult.

All pupils who have behaved and worked hard.

Behaviour Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy